Millie, my Pit Bull rescue, can’t stay with me & I was unable to find a single rescue group able or willing to take her. They were either over-capacity or wouldn’t take Millie since she had attacked a little dog.

Whilst she stayed here, my little ones couldn’t play outside & she couldn’t come in at night so she wailed & barked the first night & slept peacefully in my car the second. But that couldn’t go on long so I woke up today & decided she had to be relinquished to the only shelter in town–which is a kill shelter.

In a distraught state, I decided to take her to the dog park kind of like a last meal thing & then take her on to the shelter. At the park, we met a long-time friend from the dog park who has three of his own, including a Rottweiler. He offered to take Millie to the shelter for me since he lives nearby & I agreed since it was easier for me emotionally.

All morning I kept thinking Millie needed a miracle & hoping some of the many wonderful blessings I receive from FB friends would materialize–& they did. I called my dog park friend this afternoon to see how it went with Millie & he told me she was too sweet a dog to euthanize so he kept her & will commit to finding her a suitable family.

Thank you for the blessings. They aren’t wasted on a dog. And I selfishly thought of them as my own.