What an unleashing of abuse I’ve gotten for opposing the Assad regime. I’ve even been baited as a ‘white Christian yankee’, thus incapable of political thought, by someone who called Assad’s massive bombing of civilians a “moralistic point” rather then human rights crimes.

It’s remarkable to see people who call themselves socialists go hammer & tong for Assad when documentation for his dictatorship is mountainous. Apparently they think some capitalist regimes that violently oppress their own people are doing it for the greater good. And some think Stalinist thinking has died! Or is it because they can’t grasp complexities and think if you oppose Assad, you therefore support US intervention?

What’s disturbing is not that people adhere to the Pepe Escobar & libertarian school of political analysis but the vituperations & insults they employ as political discussion. But then of course, if you can’t find justifications for Assad’s human rights crimes, the best line of defense is to bait people. And isn’t that a dead giveaway!?