When walking my foundling dog through the neighborhood looking for her litter, I found a park she frequented where a group of people regularly fed her, gave her water & affection. They knew her so well they named her Princess. Hence her name, Princess Millie.

A kind-hearted animal rescuer here paid for Millie to see the vet today for flea control & an exam for her body sores, heart worms, etc. It cost him a fortune but the vet fell in love with her & promised to help find a suitable family for her. He gave me quite a tutorial on Pit Bulls & declared them among the most loyal & endearing of dogs. He said we needed to move fast in finding her a suitable home or she would bond with me.

On the way home, I drove past the park & saw the little crew having lunch so I stopped with Millie to give them the news. I live in a fairly poor neighborhood & it turns out they are amongst the poorest. All were unemployed, some were senior, most were disabled or sick, & a few were homeless–one man for nearly three years. They come together to share junk food they manage to scrounge up.

So I need a little advice here: The long-term homeless fellow has no benefits & the lawyer handling his case for disability social security has done little in nearly a year. He suffers from medical malpractice from the use of an IVC filter which causes him frequent bouts of excessive bleeding from every orifice. There is apparently a class action suit he cannot join since he has no internet access or other resources.

My question is where/how to proceed to help him? Where can he look for legal, medical, emergency housing help?