Millie (the Pit Bull I just picked up) presents a clear & present danger to my birds so I’ve been calling every rescue group in the metropolitan area to place her. Half have gone out of operation & the rest were over capacity, not accepting more animals. But they just don’t have it in them to turn away an animal who needs help. Some posted her photo on their web sites, some offered food.

One man who rescues only cats had me come to the spa he owns to pick up twenty-five pounds of food & then offered to pay for Millie’s vet care since she has some serious skin issues.

If she gets cleaned up physically she can get on a caravan to Denver where they foster animals rather than kennel them till they find a family.

I’m actually overwhelmed by the constant kindness of people & not just toward my dogs but toward me. It would be nothing but disgraceful ingratitude if I ever slipped into misanthropy toward the human race who have been nothing but generous to me.