Polls, which are anyway tendentious things to manipulate public opinion, claim Clinton is way ahead of Sanders in NY state. It’s not a backhanded endorsement of Sanders to ask how it’s possible that Clinton is slated to win NY when Sanders drew a crowd of over 15,000 people. Clinton spends most of her time at elite, upscale fundraisers with bouncers to keep the plebeians out. So how does she lead the race? Do only Wall Street bankers register & vote?

Cable news programs have been nattering on for days trying to undo the exposures now evident to anyone paying attention that primary elections are an eclectic mess run differently from one state to another, signifying something different in each state; that the game is rigged with this superdelegates scam; & that American electoral democracy is something of a fraud.

How will the prestige of the presidency ever recover from this election campaign? Is it possible the “left” will finally catch up with most working people & recognize a charade when they see one?