There’s no truth to the rumor that Texas municipalities are fighting off the incursion of unlicensed Sharia Law courts to circumvent the US Constitution. It’s a complete, albeit persistent, hoax.

Conservative political groups in the state quote an official of the Center on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as saying, “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.” But this is actually the bastardization of a Tea Party politician who said ““If we are persecuting Muslims & undocumented immigrants, who gives a rat’s ass about the law of the land.”

There has been alarm that those fictitious Sharia courts would introduce stoning adulterers, dismembering thieves, & beheading juvenile delinquents. That just isn’t the way things are done in Texas. Here there is a strong vestigial Confederate tradition & miscreants & heretics are just shot down, hung, or dragged behind pickup trucks. If they ever see a court of law, they’ll face the death penalty for sure just for playing hooky. Sometimes they get executed on the spot. Our judges are armed & our courts don’t mess around.

The Confederate legacy explains how Texas has produced political figures of the low moral stature of George Bush, Rick Perry, & now Greg Abbott. So please don’t worry about creeping Sharia Law here. As long as the Confederacy reigns, Texas will keep pouring out boneheads.