Maybe you have to be of a certain age not to be awestruck by the Bernie Sanders phenomenon. But if you came of age in the 1960s, you’ve been through pretty much the same thing before with Eugene McCarthy, George McGovern, Jesse Jackson, ┬áRalph Nader–& in many ways, Barack Obama. They’re what used to be called “people’s movements.”

You never want to get jaded in politics or insensitive to new developments but you also don’t want to get taken for a ride on a bandwagon.

There’s lots of blogging about the deeper meaning of the Sanders campaign. Despite the casual dismissal of Sanders’ support for drone aircraft, for Israel & a Jewish-only state, & his opposition to rights for undocumented immigrants, perhaps when the campaign shakes out, one way or the other, Sanders’ supporters will become part of rebuilding the antiwar movement, become central to building BDS, & organize for immigrant/refugee rights. That would be the sure sign of a deeper political meaning. Color me skeptical. But prove me wrong.