There’s just something so smarmy about George Clooney. While many may rate him high in sex-appeal, his war-mongering & friendship with John Prendergast (called a human rights activist but more likely a CIA operative in Africa) eviscerate his scant charms.

So now we learn, quite belatedly, that our man is a board member & “brand ambassador” (corporate-speak for TV shill) for Nespresso, a Nestle subsidiary–& has been for several years. Nestle was the subject of a boycott for discouraging breast feeding to sell baby formula that caused infant malnutrition, illness, & death in poor communities; Nestle campaigns to get access to water changed from a right to a need; Nestle is implicated in widespread child labor & slave labor; Nestle is involved in price fixing, false claims, & contaminated products.

Clooney’s smarm goes all the way to the bones & smarm is incompatible with human rights. That’s why he supports Hillary Clinton.