Regretfully I announce that Alice Bach & I will not continue to run a joint campaign for president & vice-president. While I am running against the political compromises of lesser evil politics, Alice is actively campaigning for Bernie Sanders. We have a different kind of socialism, an incompatible kind of socialism. So it’s better we remain united in activism around issues we agree about but not in a joint electoral campaign.

Many may think me intolerant of differences. But I simply cannot support a candidate of the Democratic Party since I have seen the destruction it has wrought on civil rights, women’s rights, & antiwar protest. Most importantly, I cannot support a candidate who advocates drone bombing, votes for wars, supports Israeli apartheid & bantustates for Palestinians, & opposes undocumented immigrants because they threaten the integrity of the nation-state. If that’s intolerant, so be it.

When I began this campaign I expected an uphill battle but I wanted there to be a voice, even a tiny one, speaking up in the US campaigns for our Black & Latino, Afghan, Palestinian, Kashmiri, Iraqi, Syrian, African, Mexican & Central American brothers & sisters. My campaign will continue undaunted.

There are no hard feelings with Alice, only deep regrets that our differences on the Democratic Party were incompatible.