The affinities between feudalism, military juntas, & Obama regime barbarism

Saudi king and Obama  (REUTERS:Gary Cameron) Sept 5 2015

Saudi feudal monarch Salman bin Abdulaziz & president Obama sharing laughs, affinities, & war stories over their joint project destroying the democratic uprising in Yemen–bringing feudalism & barbarism through drone & cluster bombings.

Cluster munitions are explosives that eject hundreds of smaller munitions on impact. They were first used by Nazi Germany in WWII but are now banned under international agreements–agreements Saudi Arabia & the US refuse to sign. The cluster bombs supplied to the Saudi military by the US Pentagon are designed to kill civilians, destroy vehicles & infrastructure, disperse chemical & biological weapons, & scatter land mines.

The Arab uprisings terrified the Pentagon & US rulers & they will stop at nothing to reverse them. No barbarism is beyond their capabilities or willingness to employ because a democratic Middle East is a threat to US hegemony & control. That’s why US allies are the feudal tyrants & military juntas.

There is no more imperative political responsibility than to re-build the international antiwar movement before the US & its feudal & military allies have turned the Middle East into a killing field.

(Photo by Gary Cameron/Reuters)