Mahrukh Inayet, an Indian journalist who co-anchors with rabid nationalist Arnab Goswami, is calling on all Kashmiris to take a knee in front of Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) to ask for forgiveness as part of truth & reconciliation. She’s part of the nationalist campaign to falsify the history of the conflict with Pandits as if all Kashmiris, who were at the time sustaining occupation, are responsible for the exodus of Pandits. There can be no reconciliation if there is no damn truth. Kashmiris cannot be asked to prostrate before a lie.
But who will take a knee in front of Kashmiris to ask for truth & reconciliation for the tens of thousands killed, held as political prisoners, tortured, raped, forcibly disappeared, dumped in mass graves, killed, injured, disfigured by pellet guns? Mahrukh Inayet does not honor George Floyd but makes a mockery of everything he stands for.