This is the Leopold the monster of Congo monument in Brussels after Black Lives Matter activists got at it in their campaign to have all monuments to him destroyed. It’s like having monuments to Hitler, Pol Pot, or Stalin all over your country. There are hundreds of Confederate monuments all across America, maintained by organized white supremacist groups, which must eventually be razed to the ground. There are those who argue for having some kind of graveyard for these monstrosities as part of our historic heritage. We would prefer they be destroyed for lacking all value & replaced with monuments to our Black & Native American freedom fighters who have never received their due & are systematically excluded from the historic record.
Down with Leopold the monster! Down with the Confederacy, once & for all! Down with colonialism still being fought by Palestinians, Kashmiris, Rohingya, & too many others! Down with racism & white supremacy!
(Photo from RTBF)