The spirit of Palestinian freedom fighter Ghassan Kanafani resonates with that of Kashmiri freedom fighter Maqbool Bhat. Ghassan was assassinated by Israel in 1972; Maqbool was hung by India in 1984. They stand as giants of the struggle against colonialism & for a just world.
Maqbool Bhat said: “For us, azadi means not just getting rid of foreign occupation of our beloved motherland but also to remove hunger, poverty, ignorance & disease & to overcome economic & social devastation. One day we will achieve that. Azadi.”
Ghassan Kanafani said: “The struggle for the liberation of Palestine, for a democratic secular state free from all forms of racial & religious discrimination is a vital part of the international struggle for justice & equality.”
(Photo of Maqbool Bhat on left; Ghassan Kanafani on right)