It may be a source of disappointment, but I do not support the death penalty by any of the means used, from hanging to lethal injection, no matter how monstrous the crimes. It’s not that I have a soft spot for rapists, murderers, war criminals but that I do not believe the state should have a say so over life & death especially when you look at the violent, racist, & antisocial character of most most political leaders, judges, courts. To my mind, capital punishment is a method used by the oppressors against the oppressed. That is borne out by the huge number of Blacks on death row in the US & the just as huge number of Blacks in prison cleared of all charges by innocence projects. The oppressed do not use the methods of oppressors but employ humane methods of justice that do not wring the humanity out of us but nevertheless require justice for the victims of rapists, murderers, war criminals.