Will all the socialists & liberals hailing Bernie Sanders as the second coming of Moses transfer their loyalties to another Democrat if, as is likely, the Democrats successfully maneuver him out of the nomination? The problem is not their credulity in eating up his populist & opportunist rhetoric. The problem is that they do not understand how the Democratic Party functions to maintain capitalist rule, that it’s incapable of political metamorphosis into an instrument of liberation no matter what the candidate promises. Or did the euphoria & then crash landing over Obama go over their heads? Do they actually think US policies are left to the vagaries of an individual president rather than the economic & political dictates of Wall Street?

In 2016, after Sanders lost the nomination, we saw socialists actually call it a duty to vote for war-monger Clinton who outspokenly pledged to increase the genocidal onslaught against Palestinians, collaborated with the Burmese generals, & was a shill for every US war. May they be reminded of Socialism 101 which does not consider the interests of working people anywhere in the world of lesser importance than or at odds with the interests of working people in the US.

So while thousands of socialists are out campaigning now for Sanders, the Palestinians, Syrians, Kashmiris, Rohingya, Iraqis, Yemenis, Afghans, & others are left stranded against the forces of death & destruction. Lesser evil politics are dead-end politics & no one understands that better than Sanders.