Another educational video from Toronto For Kashmir: the Gawkadal Massacre is only one of hundreds of such incidents in the past nearly 73 years. Genocide has a long memory because there has been no justice for the tens of thousands killed, injured, raped, disappeared, jailed.

Gawkadal Massacre – The Bridge of Death In Kashmir.

Gawkadal Massacre – The Bridge of Death In Kashmir.The situation in valley was tense post 1987 elections which were believed to be rigged by Indian government to ensure the defeat of the pro-independence or pro-autonomy parties. This led to the discontentment and rebellion against the Indian government. To suppress the Kashmiri voices Indian government then appointed the most notorious and forceful administrator Jagmohan. On 19th Jan 1990, the night Jagmohan was appointed governor, there were massive ‘warrantless’ night raids led by Indian security forces conducting house to house searches mostly in downtown Chotta Bazaar, looking for illegal weapons or hiding militants. Almost, hundreds of innocents were detained and none of them were found to have any weapons and neither militants. It was also reported that security forces molested many women while conducting these night raids. Although, Jagmohan put the whole city under curfew people across the valley came out on streets defying curfew to protest against such atrocities and one such procession was going on near Gawkadal Srinagar in which thousands of peaceful protestors were demanding that stringent action be taken against the CRPF. When the procession reached near Gowkadal Chowk, the CRPF personnel waiting on the other side of the bridge fired indiscriminately on the peaceful protestors in which more than 50 persons were killed on the spot and 250 got injured. The CRPF and police personals had deliberately fired on the peaceful protestors on the head and chest with the intention to kill. Many jumped to death and some were intentionally lying in the pool of blood and pretend dead to avoid being killed by the CRPF. Till date there has been no prosecutions or investigations into it and justice was never done. Since then there have been numerous massacres and human rights violations in Kashmir and continues until now. While Indian Majority talks about Pandit Migration and uses it as a weapon to justify every violence and injustice done to Kashmiri Muslims, one should seek justice for everyone and there should be unbiased investigations into all such cases. Refuting all such atrocities done by security forces against Kashmiri Muslims and only highlighting Pandit migration will not lead to any peaceful solution and may only be helpful in self-gratification. While India talks about one Jallianwala Bagh massacre, the Kashmir valley has such massacres in every corner. We pray for all the innocents who were martyred that day including brave hearts Rouf Ahmad 21 (at the time) and Farooq Ahmad, the unsung heroes who took bullets from a machine gun on their chest saving many lives. We hope the bloodshed of Kashmiri Muslims that started in 1990’s and continues even today stops and we see a peaceful end to all such atrocities and injustices.Ref:——————————————Instagram: #Kashmir #HumanRights #EndTheOccupation #KashmirChained #Kashmiris #KashmirBleeds #FreeKashmir #KashmirIssue #KashmirStillUnderSiege #PrayForKashmir #RedForKashmir #StandWithKashmir #ForKashmir #Kashmiri #KashmirDiaries #VoiceOfKashmir #SrinagarDiaries #Kashmiriyat #ResistToExist #KashmirLife #Kasheer #KashmirSOS #LetKashmirSpeak #Article370 #srinagar #anantnag #bandipora #baramulla #WithKashmir

Posted by Toronto For Kashmir on Monday, January 20, 2020