“My Poem dedicated to Shaheen Bagh women” by Salman Waheed.

“Oh God! you have bestowed us that we don’t deserve,

You have chosen your warriors, while we were pretending to be!

You revealed us the origin of courage, while we pretended to be one!

You have ripped apart all the chains, chained by us dupes!

They are writing slogans of resistance in red ink bottled in their veins,

They turned river streaming across the country, feeding glasses of resistance,

They are gusty storms refreshing the sky turning into a roof for oppressed,

Oh God! You granted us a roar, kicked us from a cramped hole,

My eyes are filled, tears flowing, falling my voice, stepping behind you,

Our grandmothers, sisters, and moms are soldiers determined,

Oh, Allah! You have chosen your own heroes for your glory.”

–Salman Waheed