Ashraf Bhat has written this brief synopsis of the role played by police agents in terrorist acts which India attempts to pin on Kashmiris:
If impartial investigations are conducted on the following few incidents (there are thousands such case), you will find they are all perpetuated with the help of state agencies and similar results will appear.

1. The Chittisinghpura massacre:
the mass murder of 35 Sikhs carried out on 20 March 2000, when the then US President Bill Clinton was visiting India. It was followed by the Pathribal Fake Encounter: Five days after the events at Chattisinghpora, on 25 March 2000, Col. Ajay Saxena, Commanding Officer 7 RR (Retired Brigadier Now), Lt. Col. Brajendra Pratap Singh 2IC 7 RR (Retired Col Now), Lt. Saurabh Sharma Of Military Intelligence 7RR (Retired Major Now), Lt. Amit Saxena Adjutant 7 RR (later Major) and Nb. Sub. Idrees Khan (later Subedar) of the Indian Army killed five men in Pathribal village of Anantnag district, claiming that the victims were the “foreign militants” responsible for the attacks. On 19 March 2012, The CBI (central Bureau of Investigation) told the Supreme Court of India that the fake encounter at Pathribal in Jammu and Kashmir 12 years ago in which seven people were killed by Army personnel “were cold-blooded murders and the accused officials deserve to be meted out exemplary punishment.”

2. The 2001 Indian Parliament attack, linked to the present case of DSP Davinder Singh

3. Amarnath Yatra Attack: 2017

4. Migrant laborer attack: 2019, linked to the present case of DSP Davinder Singh

5. d) Abduction of 5 foreign tourists ( Read The Meadow by Adrian Levy, Cathy Scott-Clark)

6. Fake surrenders Budgam (27 unemployed youth of Budgam, for promotions. And awards, Read the case in the Indian Express.

7. Pulwama attack: before 2019 elections

PS: a) Farooq Khan, who started his career in Jammu and Kashmir as a sub-inspector in 1984 and was made IGP Kashmir, who led the Pathribal Fake encounter is the Advisor of Lt. Governor of Kashmir.

b) Police officer who exposed the Bandipora Fake encounter was demoted and humiliated.

c) the police officer who conducted investigations on unmarked mass graves in North Kashmir was humiliated too.

d) A notorious state sponsored terrorist Moma Kanna who was accused of murder, torture and extortion was given Padma Shri award by the Indian Government.

e) a state sponsored terrorist who murdered dozens of civilians in the Anantnag District, accused of torture and extortion was made an officer in the Indian Army.

f) only those police officers (JK Police) got awards and promotions who killed people.

g) Since 2010, SHOs of most of the police stations are involved in extortion, arrest young boys in fake stone pelting cases and extract money from their parents. Many parents have sold their properties to get their kids free.

h) Major Leetul Gogoi, who had tied a civilian man to the bonnet of a jeep in Kashmir (which was termed as the grave human rights violation by the Amnesty International) was awarded COAS Commendation Card.

*Our murderers are your heroes*