Another informative video about the occupation of Kashmir from Toronto For Kashmir:

"Only Death Can Unite Us Now" – Sister of Murdered Innocent Youth

"Only Death Can Unite Us Now" – Sister of Murdered Innocent YouthKashmiris have suffered in this Vale which was once known as paradise on earth. Due to the unrest, turmoil, and cycle of violence, people have lost their kith and kin; and as such, Kashmir has suffered a lot. This valley has seen plenty of untold stories of mass violations of human rights committed by the Indian Army.Since 1989, the people of Kashmir have been killed, tortured, humiliated, and injured. Thousands of innocent people have lost their lives due to the cycle of violence prevalent in Kashmir. Many have lost their beloved children, daughters, sisters, mothers, and some women have lost their beloved husbands, who were only the source to care for them. The fundamental rights of the people have been encroached and curtailed. The region has been suppressed due to misuse of the armed forces. It is pertinent to mention here that no democracy can be successful where draconian and inhuman laws are prevailing. Democracy can only survive when the dignity of every individual will be respected and safeguarded. Here are tears in every mother’s eyes that have lost their beloved children. Everybody here hates violence and is ready to see peaceful Kashmir without any conflict and human rights violations, may this dream of so many become reality. End the occupation, justice for Kashmir and Kashmiris.—————–Instagram: #Kashmir #HumanRights #EndTheOccupation #KashmirChained #Kashmiris #KashmirBleeds #FreeKashmir #KashmirIssue #KashmirStillUnderSiege #PrayForKashmir #RedForKashmir #StandWithKashmir #ForKashmir #Kashmiri #KashmirDiaries #VoiceOfKashmir #SrinagarDiaries #Kashmiriyat #ResistToExist #KashmirLife #Kasheer #KashmirSOS #LetKashmirSpeak #Article370 #srinagar #anantnag #bandipora #baramulla #WithKashmir

Posted by Toronto For Kashmir on Friday, December 27, 2019