I hear waters are frozen in the Dal,
unable to bear the cold, it has taken to ice.
Children free in spirit skidding on it,
indifferent of uncertainties around.
The Chillai-Kalan arriving early this year,
for it must shoulder the pain of its keepers
in their blockade.

I hear people are still under siege,
cut off from each other,
Like the water in the taps, solid and clogged
yet enduring the anguish in peace.
Little does the besieger know,
one day the sun will come out in a flash
melting away frosts from the lives of all folks.

I hear that people are numb, frightened
by the scavengers gazing at them, day and night
Like the ice, they are waiting patiently
for the winter to thaw
For they have their resilience,
till the besieger is tired of the siege.

I hear that this year is approaching its end,
leaving the memories of yore for eternity.
Time, never hostage to anyone mighty or exposed,
shall one day set you free from the shackles of woe
The ice will melt, rivers gush and fields float
Hold on to hope, until freedom comes!

©Mudasir Firdosi