“Why did the Rohingya repatriation fail?
It’s simple. It failed in 1978, in 1991, it failed in November last year, it failed today. Why?

“Until & unless the Rohingya themselves are at the negotiation table to agree to their own repatriation, any attempt will fail again & again. The demands for repatriation are really very simple:
1. Citizenship
2. Guaranteed Safety
3. Halt on violence by Tatmadaw
4. Revoking laws designed to otherwise Rohingya
5. Religious freedom
These are the same demands from 1978 and 1991”

–Mabrur Ahmed, Co Director of Restless Beings, a human rights organization & a presenter speaking on the boycott of Burma at the International Conference on Accountability for Rohingya in Seoul, South Korea.