Twitter just suspended the account of the Russian embassy in Syria. One would be a fool to think they did it to monitor ‘fake news’ or advance the truth about Syria. Russia has several media venues to peddle their rubbish including RT, Sputnik, Tass, Pravda, Mint Press, Duran, Global Research, the buffoon Pepe Escobar, an entire stable of professional propagandists, & guppies like Ben Norton, Max Blumenthal, & Rania Khalek. It does not serve those who want to fight tyranny to have governments or social media censoring what we don’t agree with. We don’t have to read it, we do have to know what they’re saying in order to politically respond, & we are always most protective of human rights if we do not join with the jackass chorus demanding censorship. In the long run, it is the voices of social transformation who will be silenced if we do not stand for freedom of speech.