China, which once denied the existence of Uyghur concentration camps, now calls them boarding school facilities that provide vocational training & reeducation to discourage ‘radicalization” & terrorism among Uyghur. Whatever China chooses to call these facilities, they are places where Uyghur are incarcerated, held against their will, tortured & abused by camp guards, brainwashed & indoctrinated to make them abandon their cultural & religious practices, live with rotten food & substandard, overcrowded living conditions. Very much like refugee concentration camps in the US.

There’s no speculation here. We know this information from Uyghur activists & journalists. Or do creeps like Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton, Tim Anderson, & the many other Assadists & Stalinists who deny the Uyghur genocide think the Chinese government which armed & supported the Rohingya genocide a more reliable source of information than the Uyghur people themselves? Just how low can their racism go?