If we could just get middle-class feminists to stop glorifying & legitimizing prostitution as a form of labor rather than what it is: systematic oppression & the sexual exploitation & commodification of declassed & working class women & children. Then maybe they would put their apparently limited analytical skills to exposing the exponentially growing sex trafficking of young women & children which is an international, multi-billion dollar industry. Once again, prostitution & sex slavery are not a form of exploited labor. They are a continuum of oppression involving humiliation, violence, rape, torture, murder. There can be no talk of consensual sex when the power relations involved in prostitution & fundamental to sex trafficking are violence & degradation of women & children.

The middle-class feminists ought to ask themselves why they are fixated on legitimizing prostitution rather than focusing on sex trafficking which dwarfs prostitution. But they have exhibited little interest or none in addressing an industry involving the lives of millions of women & children. How deep does their feminism really go? Contempt for the working class is written all over their apologetics. Just like they do for their daughters, we have higher aspirations for our girls that do not include commodifying their bodies as cheap play things or objects of abuse & contempt in an extremely dangerous environment. They also ought to ask themselves why their venom is turned toward feminists who uphold the dignity & beauty of women by calling us SWERFs & carceral feminists, whatever the hell that is. Why haven’t they turned any venom towards pimps, traffickers, & johns who think of women & children as disposable toys? No matter what you call us, we will never accept the power relations involved in prostitution & sex slavery nor ever legitimize the idiotic notion that commodification of women & children is a form of labor when it is the systematic oppression of women & children.