These must be two more of those “al-Qaeda affiliated Salafi-jihadi terrorists” in Idlib & Aleppo provinces disguising themselves as children injured in Syrian & Russian bombing. Or maybe they’re what fascist propagandists Bartlett & Beeley call “crisis actors” who cry, play scared, act dead on orders from their White Helmet handlers. One could only believe such racist, Islamophobic tripe if one is marinated up to their eyeballs in ‘war on terror’ ideology. That people who once had some political cachet promote this rubbish to support Assad speaks to the irredeemable corruption of the political movement today. People blither on about the growth of the socialist movement today. Where are all those socialists & what’s their point if they aren’t out marching to oppose Syrian, Russian, & US-coalition bombing in Syria?

Stop the bombing! Stop the war on the Syrian Arab Spring!

(Photo from White Helmets)