No one would deny the important role of singer Roger Waters in promoting the cultural boycott of Israel–though we would ask that he take a less offensive & misogynist approach when appealing to women. But he, Susan Sarandon, & Pamela Anderson are not just way out of their league politically but deranged when they accuse the White Helmet rescue workers of staging chemical gas attacks in Syria to make the Assad regime look bad. That’s worse than the vagaries of 9/11 truthers. The authorities they cite are RT (wholly owned by the Russian government), & Assad propagandists, including Caitlin Johnstone who became prominent denying the Muslim genocide in Bosnia & continues her war against Muslims in Syria. Waters negates all the positive work he does for BDS by associating the Palestinian struggle with fascists, Islamophobes, Stalinists, & ‘war on terror’ propaganda. Waters, Sarandon, & Anderson make jackasses of themselves when they draw from the dregs as their authorities.