Just last week, it was reported that four small Guatemalan children died in US custody while incarcerated in refugee concentration camps. All of them were sick & malnourished but were denied the care given by civilized societies to small children. Now today, it is reported that the second Guatemalan teenager has died while incarcerated by US authorities.

Carlos Gregorio Hernandez-Vasquez was arrested on May 13th crossing the border & stuck in the overcrowded facility here in McAllen. A few days later, he informed ICE agents he was ill & was diagnosed with the flu. Anyone who has ever had the flu knows just how incapacitating, even life-threatening it is but rather than hospitalize him agents purchased Tamiflu from a pharmacy. Where were the medical personnel who should be supervising the care of sick & malnourished children? Carlos Gregorio was found dead the next day in his cell. Such criminality & savagery toward children speaks to the racism of US immigration & refugee policy. Those officials responsible for his care should be charged with reckless endangerment of children & homicide. The lives of these Guatemalan children matter.

May our little brother Rest In Peace.