In November 2018, Save the Children (the NGO which in 2014 gave a “global legacy award” to war criminal Tony Blair) estimated that 85,000 children under the age of five have starved to death “over the last three years” as a result of Yemen’s civil war. UN estimates of acute malnutrition among small children are considerably higher at 1.3 million children & 14 million people overall. There certainly is a catastrophic civil war in Yemen but does Save the Children not consider the now four years (since March 2015) of Saudi-coalition carpet bombing an even more compelling reason for mass starvation as well as thousands of other deaths? Is it because the UK & US are involved up to their eyeballs in that bombing?

The international antiwar movement is so busy defending Syrian & Russian bombing in Syria that it hasn’t been able to mobilize antiwar opposition to the carnage in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, or even Syria.