Excoriating racism wherever/however it manifests, & even where it lurks, is imperative. Racism is one of the most malignant & divisive political weapons on the planet. But talking about white privilege, separate from how racism manifests, is nothing but guilt-baiting & leads to a political dead-end. It’s observable that those who most engage in it are Brahmins or their class equivalents. There are other inequalities like gender, but especially class, that have a controlling impact on our lives. So that a Brahmin has opportunities & privileges in life that a white working class kid cannot even dream of. There’s nothing to be gained from white-baiting & I don’t say this as some sort of puny-assed defense of caucasian ethnicity. It puts the political emphasis on the wrong damn thing & makes being white a problem when the problem is racism.¬†You can’t do anything about being white. But you can act politically to end racism. And that’s the difference.