FB just banned British far-right groups Britain First, the English Defence League, & the British National Party from posting.
Anyone who posts in support of these groups will also be banned.
FB officials said the decision was taken against users who “proclaim a violent or hateful mission or are engaged in acts of hate or violence.” Since FB censors decide what constitutes a “violent or hateful mission”, this signals an escalation of censorship & political repression. They are intentionally & publicly targeting the extreme rightwing to legitimize censorship while all along they have been massively censoring Palestinians & Kashmiris & those who post in support of their struggles.

It is elementary to the principles & fundamental concepts of freedom of speech that we oppose censorship. Not because we give a rat’s ass about freedom of hateful speech for Britain First but because we know they are coming for us like gangbusters after they get us to cheer the banning of rightwing groups. Those who stand for democracy oppose this abridgment of free speech on social media.