It used to be common on my wall (but since I have ungraciously discouraged it, it is less common) that people want to debate the ethnicity of Jews & parse the legitimacy of the term ‘anti-Semitic.” Like the term ‘Islamophobia’, it is not the best term but regardless, it is the term we are bequeathed to describe the phenomenon that led to pogroms, persecution, & the holocaust. In that regard, it’s as weak as ‘Islamophobia’ for the persecution, pogroms, genocides against Muslims. The etymology of these terms is a matter of scholarship but their popular usage is something we’re stuck with until someone comes up with more powerful terms to describe the scale of criminality & violence against Muslims & Jews.

As for the ethnicity of Jews, my observation is that those who engage in that discussion are the same people who blither about the Greater Israel Plan, post memes about the Rothschild bankers, & are often disciples of David Icke who believe the world is run by shape-shifting extraterrestrials morphed into Jewish bankers called the Illuminati. That discussion will not be held on my wall. The ethnic heritage of Jews is of little interest to me since most of the human race is ethnically diverse & all of us are related. The reason I won’t engage in those discussions is because they lend themselves to anti-Jewish vituperations. My issues about Israel will never be about Jews, whatever their ethnicity. It is solely about the hold of Zionism, an ideology held by all sorts of ethnic, national, & religious groups.