“On Sunday, Hindi Film actor Payal Rohatagi, said “If Article 370 can’t be removed then ask Kashmiri Muslims 2 evict Kashmir. Centre should make it Defence area. Kashmiris start living in other cities of India.”
“Bollywood actors talk about Kashmir as if our ancestors had sold every last inch of our land to them. Then forget everything, isn’t it the same industry that has been demonizing Kashmiris for last 70 years. Those who can’t pronounce the names of our places correctly, have provided an artistic shield to the war criminals, cashes on every tragedy, openly distorts the history and culture of Kashmir with their notional tales , duplicates a scene of war crime in a movie, demonizes the martyr’s and openly justifies the war in Kashmir. This is not a shocker. Anti-Kashmir sentiment sells. People don’t have to hide behind fake accounts to issue threats of open execution and genocide of Kashmiris. The violence against Kashmiris has been mainstreamed . It’s promoted on prime time. But then who wants to dig into her background only to find out that her entire career has been a disaster and this is her last try to reach to a little stardom.”

–Zachriah Sulayman