Every day, 22 US military veterans commit suicide. That is only one of the psychological or antisocial behaviors common among war-traumatized young people. That figure–which many consider an underestimate due to underreporting or because some drink or drug themselves to death–does not include active duty soldiers. A few years ago, it was near impossible to find out how many Indian soldiers committed suicide but the sketchy reports suggested it was increasing as a result of the occupation of Kashmir. (It’s a similar case with the Israeli military.) As this article points out, the suicides that were reported were attributed to family or psychological problems & not to the savageries entailed in occupation. It’s also significant that what the Indian defense department is reporting is suicides among active duty soldiers, omitting veteran suicides which are likely as sky-high as US veteran suicides.

The article refers to the occupation of Kashmir as a “low-intensity conflict operation.” The term ‘low-intensity conflict’ was developed by the US Pentagon to describe its paramilitary operations in Central America in the 1980s. It was a propaganda misnomer then to blunt antiwar opposition & clearly complete rubbish when referring to the occupation of Kashmir which entails nearly a million troops, making it the most militarized region in the world.