Zachriah Sulayman on the torture centers maintained by Indian occupying forces in Kashmir:

“Mehbooba Mufti , Mufti Sayeed and Omar Abdullah, lived and slept in Papa 2, the infamous torture cum slaughter centre , where thousands of Kashmiris were tortured and killed in 90’s by establishment troops. So many humans were brutalized , tortured and killed there that they brought priests from all religions in 1998 to bless the place before opening it up for the politicians. The shrieks will never leave that place, even if they, wash it with the holy water. That place belongs to the survivors, to Kashmiris, to those who died and to those who lived to recount the story. It was one among thousands of our Auschwitz-Birkenau. It has a place within our memory. The names eliminated there should be written on its walls, so that, future generations know, this was Papa 2 but who knows how many died there or are buried underneath it.Only God knows how many have buried Papa 2 in their hearts. Basharat Peer , an Author and currently opinion editor at New York times writes about Papa 2 in his memoir Curfewed night “Hundreds who were taken to Papa-2 did not return. Those who did return were wrecks”. Don’t expect justice from those who slept through our holocaust. Shahid’s Rizwan continues to die while we try to find him in the shoes mourners left behind, victims of the firing. Papa 2 belongs to us. It’s our bloody shrine, a memory of our struggle.”