A resolution was submitted in Pakistan Parliament to nominate Prime Minister Imran Khan for the Nobel Peace Prize for releasing the downed Indian fighter pilot & deescalating war tension with India.

Maung Zarni, the exiled Burmese activist for Rohingya refugee & human rights, responds:

“Have they no shame?
Imran Khan, who refuses to speak out on China’s concentration camps of Uyghurs or say anything about Pakistan’s supply of arms to Myanmar genocidal regime, released an Indian pilot – straight out of strategic & PR calculations. That is considered “award-winning” act – maybe in Hollywood. But again Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Henry Kissinger, Shimon Peres, Yasar Arafat, Aung San Suu Kyi, Barack Oabama & a load of unsavory characters by the conceited Nobel Committee in Oslo.”