Not to boss anybody around, but since this is Kashmir Solidarity Day, it would be excellent if everyone could post something about the Kashmiri 70-year struggle against occupation. Of course, every day is solidarity day for those sustaining war, occupation, genocide but this is a special call to build understanding & solidarity with this monumentally important freedom struggle–not just for Kashmiris but for all of suffering humanity.

Pellet guns are one of the most vicious weapons used flagrantly against unarmed protesters in Kashmir. It is common for young children to be struck, disfigured, blinded, disabled by pellet guns–usually intentionally. Because so many protesters are working class, the victims are not always able to get the medical, surgical, & rehabilitation services they require since India controls Kashmir. An international campaign is needed demanding the end of using pellet munitions in Kashmir & everywhere else in the world.
End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.

(Photo is young Kashmiri boy hit in the face & eyes with pellet guns)