These five posters were designed by renowned Palestinian artist Kamal Boullata who I knew from Palestinian defense work since the 1967 war. They are included in the Palestine Poster Project & have archival value. I learned volumes from Kamal about the Palestinian struggle but do not agree with a bantustate solution for Palestinians as he calls for in the posters. It is too massive a discount on justice & self-determination & not a workable solution to leave an aggressive Zionist entity surrounding divided little plantations. Instead I agree with the visionary & majestic proposal of those Palestinians who call for a secular, democratic state where Palestinians & Jews will live as equals & as brothers & sisters.
Regardless of my objections, these posters are part of the history of the Palestinian struggle. To raise money for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), I would like to auction them though I have no idea of their monetary value. There is a tiny bit of bird gnawing on three of the poster edges but not enough to destroy their value & it must be said that in some cultures, bird poop is considered a good omen. How much better just a little gnawing?
If you are interested in bidding on any of them, please let me know. You can send your contribution to MAP & I will mail the posters to you. They are unable to auction them for political reasons.