It’s appalling how many socialist academics are decrying how white supremacist the US electorate is based on the results of these elections. They don’t exhibit the analytical skills considered de rigueur for a 7th grade book report. Has the electorate changed that dramatically from the landslide election of Obama in 2008 & 2012? Have these smarty-pants gone through the elections state by state to assess if Black, Latino, or Native American voters were disenfranchised? What percentage of eligible voters of any ethnicity even registered or voted? What are the demographics of voters? Was it rich white voters who elected white supremacists or was it working people who have much more daily & personal contact with Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans through school, work, & social life? How many white supremacists were actually elected? Does being a Black or Latino candidate mean you should be voted in regardless of your politics? Is it true that white women make up the majority of white supremacist voters? Or is that just the usual schtick of blaming women for everything that goes wrong in the world?

If you’re a serious political person engaged in political organizing, you require an accurate assessment of where things stand in the fight against racism in this country & through war, occupation, & genocide. But it takes a hell of a lot of nerve for dilettantish, hermetically isolated professors to vilify American working people as majority white supremacists when they don’t pay enough attention to know or understand & when the Palestinian, Kashmiri, Rohingya, & Uyghur genocides are going on & so few of the geniuses have uttered a peep of protest.