Zulkarnain Bandey, the editor of Lost Kashmiri History (LKH), on FB’s deletion of that account:

Article on censorship of LKH:


Dear friends and allies,

Yesterday at around 6:30 PM, after Lost Kashmiri History (LKH) posted a document detailing the deaths in Kashmir for the month of October, I got a few texts informing me that the Facebook page of LKH has been banned in India and Kashmir, some people outside India can’t see it too. Although the page is intact and I can post stuff the accessibility to the audience has been curtailed. The page has more than 70k+ followers.

This is not for the first time Facebook in collusion with Indian state and has removed content related to Kashmir. I have lost count of how many times my facebook profile has been either blocked temporarily or content removed because apparently, it doesn’t suit their community standards.

LKH acts as a digital archive of curated content about the blood-soaked history of Kashmir. It features over a hundred books and presents historical events in chronological order through various multimedia tools, using newspaper articles and research papers as its primary sources.

The content we share on LKH, both website as well as social media, go through cross-checks and verifications and I take full responsibility for that. Nothing on our website or social media is without reference and source citation. What we write or post is nothing but India’s brutal history in Kashmir.

I fail to understand why Facebook chooses to censor pages and accounts that are critical to India in Kashmir or are simply writing the facts, regardless of how old they are. LKH has never had nor will ever have a political affliction. This is not only Facebook’s attack on freedom of speech but also a war on dissent.

We will soon publish a mirror page for Lost Kashmiri History. Support us in growing.

P:S This is the original page that has been censored in India, all other pages with our name are fake. https://www.facebook.com/LostKashmiriHistory/