The World Bank & Canada will provide a $25 million education grant for 350,000 Rohingya children ($71 per child) living in the Cox’s Bazar area of Bangladesh. Sounds like largesse but it’s chump change when you consider what the World Bank is pulling out of Burma from its joint investments with the military & what Canada is pulling out from its joint mining projects with the Burmese genocidaires. Burma is a military form of capitalism where the military, its families & cronies control the economy. But to overcome economic stagnation & sanctions imposed after its suppression of the 1988 uprising, the military is introducing neoliberal economic policies in joint enterprises with foreign investors. With the massive profits & plunder involved, the World Bank & Canada are doing little more than handing over their petty cash drawers to Rohingya kids who deserve so much more–like the withdrawal of investments in protest against the genocide.