This is a useful article about Indian investment in Burma which is substantial. The Burmese economy is a military model of capitalism—run top to bottom by the generals, their families & their cronies. To overcome economic stagnation & get rid of sanctions imposed after 1988, the military is trying to create an amalgam with neoliberal economic policies (without relinquishing control of the economy) which require foreign investment for major mining & hydroelectric projects. India, Japan, China, Canada, Europe’s countries, & the US are all part of that. Genocide against the Rohingya is not primarily due to these neoliberal programs but dispossession of their lands in Arakan state is certainly involved.

There are already protests in several states against environmental ruin & dispossession of farmers to accommodate these projects. Before her election, Suu Kyi was actually booed out of one town when she represented the generals to defend a joint mining project of China & the military. Such resistance is the Achilles heel of the new economy