Kashmiri protester & Indian soldier at Article 35A protest Aug 27 2018 (Peerzada Waseem) Aug 27 2018

An extraordinary ferocity of commitment by a Kashmiri protester calmly facing a special forces soldier aiming a slingshot at him during protests today in Main Chowk, Sopore in north Kashmir:

The protests were in response to a new legal challenge to Article 35A of the Indian constitution which gives special status to Kashmir to legally debar settlers from coming from India to alter the politics of Kashmir in the way Zionist settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories do. Through massive resettlement or homesteading programs the Indian government could change the political landscape of Kashmir to make it compliant with Hindutva nationalism, Islamophobia, & genocide of Kashmiri Muslims.

Go back India, go back.

Article on legal challenge to Article 35A: https://www.indiatoday.in/amp/india/story/article-35-a-supreme-court-to-hear-plea-for-scrapping-jammu-and-kashmir-s-special-status-1323620-2018-08-27

(Photo by Peerzada Waseem)