Once again, someone has accused me of being a Zionist troll & has threatened to warn everyone they know against me. Been there, done that, survived it all, albeit with some grief. Going back now over 40 years, in resisting the rightward move of the left where I was vilified as sectarian & irascible; then at my job when I resisted the union’s collusion with the company at the expense of workers (the union got me fired); then on the abandonment of Palestinians after the Oslo Accords; on the growing sectarianism & abstentionism of the left in the antiwar movement; on left & antiwar support for the Assad dictatorship & Russian & Iranian military intervention in Syria; & now for objecting to a dishonest post. It doesn’t intimidate me one iota or even arouse my adrenalin to have scurrilous things written or said about me. My commitments to the oppressed preempt any wounds inflicted on my ego. So if you want to spread lies about me, go for it. But bear in mind that I am not the subject of political life, only an activist who insists on telling the truth whether anyone else likes it or not.