Josef Korbel (1909-1977), a former Czech diplomat, US college professor, & chair of the UN Commission on India & Pakistan, is the father of Madeleine Albright & the mentor of Condoleezza Rice. In other words, politically a practitioner of realpolitik & no prize package. He applied for asylum in the US after communists took power in Czechoslovakia. In 1954, he wrote “Danger in Kashmir” which predicted Kashmir would be the first ‘Indian State’ to embrace communism. Has anyone ever heard of or read the book?

When Kashmiri activists urged me to study & write about their struggle, I used the University of Texas library here which was filled with US State Department analyses & found them to be absolutely useless from the point of view of Kashmiri self-determination. They were all power politics between India & Pakistan with no discussion of the freedom struggle. His book was not among them which leads me to suspect it is deemed worthless even as a State Department analysis.