“Our indifferent response to US/Israel backed Saudi attack on a gas station in Yemen killing 21 and wounding 15, mostly women and children proves our dichotomous thinking. We must remember that moral exclusivity and selective mourning can’t hide gross asymmetries of the continuing conflicts in different parts of the world. Innocent killing in Yemen is as much condemnable as innocent killing in Palestine or Syria or Afghanistan or Iraq or Kashmir or Pakistan or anywhere in this world. Therefore, when our sympathy only reaches out to the innocent killing of a selected group, we actually act as a supporter to the atrociousness of violence going on with the other group.

When an innocent human being is killed we cannot think of him as Yemeni or Kashmiri or Syrian or Palestine or Iraqi or Pakistani or Afghani. There must be no distinction, and no separation according to which “side” we are on but humanity.”

–Zafar Iqbal