Assad propagandists have always used Palestinian solidarity to legitimize their campaigns on behalf of the Assad dictatorship. It’s a deft if not thoroughly corrupt & detestable move which compromises the Palestinian struggle & is based entirely on anti-Semitism, not justice for Palestinians. Now they’ve recycled & are posting a 2015 “Statement of Palestinian groups & individuals in the occupied homeland, refugee camps & the diaspora about the global war on Syria” in support of Assad. There are over 6.5 million Palestinians in the world & the list is only 1,101 of their most deranged, confused, or most privileged who have no affinity with Intifada. Since the list is three years old, some have had a chance to come to their senses. One can even question if Ernesto Guevara from Lebanon is a Palestinian or if he is one of their Russian trolls.

We don’t support the Palestinian struggle because they are all saints & have no politically debased fools among them but because their cause their just. Palestinian activists have also issued a statement including those who understand that the fate of the Syrian revolution against dictatorship & war will directly impact the Palestinian freedom struggle & who make no concessions to anti-Semitism or Assadism.