On the political bankruptcy of Cindy Sheehan

Not that anyone has asked, but let me explain why I would not touch Cindy Sheehan’s planned October march on the Pentagon with a ten-foot pole. Sheehan has misanthropic, rightwing Fox News politics & is indistinguishable from them. She ridiculed the 2017 & 2018 Women’s Marches of upwards of 4 million women on every continent as “pussy parades” & counterposes this march to them with breathtaking elitism & sectarianism. She has ridiculed every protest against Trump policies, including those against the Muslim ban. But mostly, she is an ardent supporter of Assad & Putin & ardently promotes fascists Bartlett & Beeley. You cannot call yourself antiwar if you support Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians & spend no time examining the role of US coalition bombing in Syria but only sputtering against liberals.

The only endorsers she has garnered for this march so far are leading US Assad supporters, including the “retired” CIA, FBI, & military officials now leading the corrupted antiwar movement. Most of these people, including Sheehan, have never organized an antiwar rally, let alone one in Washington, DC, or are among those socialist activists who have kept the movement as small as possible if they cannot control it. It’s likely to be a grandstanding event showcasing the political corruption of Sheehan & the antiwar movement, especially because it is liberals of good will who have been the financial supporters & majority activists of the antiwar movement since it began in 1965.