Those of us who write so much about war, occupation, & genocide don’t do so to luxuriate in human suffering but because we identify with the oppressed as one with us & are committed to the belief that knowledge is power; that when most human beings know what is going on, they can be prompted to act against the persecution of others. They don’t always move when we call them, but when they do move against war, occupation, genocide, & for justice, they move massively. We don’t allow ourselves to grow cynical not because we thrive on false hopes but because we believe in the human race.

Angus Leendertz on attending Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv whilst Israel is bombing the hell out of Gaza:

“A bit like attending a concert across the fence from a German concentration camp in the 1940s.”

“I know I keep banging the same drum, but seriously:

Israeli Tanks – 3,930
Palestinian Tanks – 0
Israeli F16 fighter jets – 326
Palestinian F16 fighter jets – 0

There is no war in Gaza, it’s just a genocide!”

–Saiqa Ali

The number of Native American & Canadian women & girls who go missing or are murdered is at epidemic rates. Yet they are the only demographic group for which no tracking, statistics, or records are kept.

Lest there be any confusion about the Islamophobia which is the primary inspiration of Assadists, several of them, starting with Australian Tim Anderson, are denouncing the Chinese genocide against Uyghur Muslims as just western propaganda.

Wahhabism is the new red scare. Everyone’s an authority on Wahhabi links to fascism when they don’t even know their own damn catechism & can’t tell the difference between a Baptist & an Evangelical. There probably are currents of fascism among some Wahhabi just as there are among Christians in the US & atheists in Europe. But to write off an entire religious denomination based on ‘war on terror’ rhetoric is nothing more than boogeyman-think & Islamophobia. Anyone who grew up in the 1950s knows this crap all too well. It was a time when communist influence was seen in weather reports & ‘commies’ put fluoride in the water to corrupt the morals of youth.

Jewish Voice for Peace tweeted that Eurovision 2019 is already a flop: fewer artists are performing in Israel because of its human rights abuses against Palestinians; there are empty seats & unsold tickets; hotels are not booked & airlines are not reporting an increase in sales.

Dome & Minaret of Bibi Khanym Mosque in Samarkand, Uzbekistan: does any sane mind really believe that religious sensibilities which conceived & created this magnificent architecture are also rooted & nurtured on hatred, as Islamophobic hysteria maintains?

Anyone want to know what I think of Harry’s new kid? Another moochocrat born to sponge off the body politic? Yeah, I didn’t think you did.