Questions about the simple-minded & Islamophobic narrative on Syria

If you believe the narrative that Syrian & Russian bombers are defending Syrian national sovereignty against US-backed “jihadist head choppers” trying to oust Assad & that there is no popular revolution against Assad’s dictatorship, can you elaborate for us:

–Why out of over 10,000 US-coalition airstrikes in Syria since 2014–that’s over 84,000 bombs & missiles–there have been only three hostile encounters with the Syrian army & one of those was on empty airport hangars?

–Why the US claims its priority in Syria is to fight ISIS but like Syrian & Russian bombers is also bombing cities with tens of thousands of civilians, including with white phosphorous? Why isn’t the US fighting the Syrian army if it wants to take down Assad?

–Why the US is using guerrilla forces rather than just bombing the hell out of Assad’s palace in Damascus along with bombing Syrian military bases? Wouldn’t bombs be a quicker way to bring down the regime than terrorist groups & special forces? That could have been done before Russian bombers entered the air war in 2015.

–What is this deconfliction strategy all about where the US collaborates with Russia & Syria so they don’t interfere with each others operations? And since the US has deconfliction monitors doing constant surveillance over Syria, why is it so secretive about what the hell all those foreign mercenaries & terrorist groups are doing there?

–How did a popular revolution involving hundreds of thousands of people get coopted by terrorists, if that is what you claim–although Assadist ideologues on the payroll claim there never was a revolution? So can Assadists come to some agreement about whether there ever was a revolution or what happened to it?

–How many ISIS & Al-Qaeda-type fighters are there in Syria? How many have been killed so far? Where are they getting their arms? How are they getting their arms past the Syrian, Russian, US, Iranian, & Hezbollah air & ground forces? Why aren’t the arms supply routes being cut off, like they did in Vietnam? How did ISIS get its hands on over $1-billion of US weapons, according to the Pentagon?

Make a stab at it; try to answer some of these questions. Or is the simple-minded & profoundly Islamophobic scenario of benevolent Assad against head chopping jihadis sufficient to support Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians?