“In Kashmir if you demand freedom, dignity and justice, Indian state responds with killing, maiming, incarceration, torture and rape.

Quite understandably, the same Indian state provides protection to protestors demanding release of a policeman who rapes a Muslim minor girl.

If you are a journalist who does not bootlick the collaborator government and records the brutality of the state, you are a criminal who deserves to be behind bars. But if you do the bootlicking that is called ‘moral journalism’, inverting the very meaning of morality.

If you are an artist who speaks truth to power, you may be threatened or ignored, but if you attain significant fame there are attempts to co-opt. The role of co-option as a counterrevolutionary measure is only second to brutal violence which the state perpetuates on a daily basis.

It is a duty incumbent upon all of us to understand these traps which are sold in the name of “bringing the change from within”. No such change is going to come out of a system which is totally rotten from within. A system whose foundational doctrine is to deny us freedom and “integrate” us at any cost cannot be expected to mysteriously transform by our participation. Our survival as a morally upright nation depends upon our total opposition to this oppressive, illegal occupation of our land and lives. Azadi the only way.”

–Mir Laieeq